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"Piano For Kids"

  • The best time to start piano lessons is generally between the ages of 6 and 10.  Most piano teachers consider the start of the second or third grade to be the optimum time to start lessons.  The children are mature enough and have learned enough about language and math to succeed as long as they are interested and have your support.

  • This is not to say that your kid will be unsuccessful starting before or after this age range.  Some children start as early as 4 and some teenagers and many adults have begun the study of piano with great success. 

  • The sooner your child starts piano after the age of 5 or 6, the better.  If you wait until after they turn 12 the brain has 'Hard-wired' to the point that progress is slower and is further complicated by the onset of puberty. Plus, an early start in music helps the brain develop in other ways. The American Music Conference says 'The news has been hard to miss: in study after study, scientists are finding correlations between music making and some of the deepest workings of the human brain.

"The timing of the start of piano lessons and the selection of a teacher that is right for your child are very important in the success of piano lessons."

Names of all area piano teachers are available free of charge year-round from Dollarhide's Music and are available by zip code and other sorting.  PMTA members may be found on the PMTA web site or by calling Dollarhide's. 

August:  Back-to-School, the most common time to start piano lessons. Get names of teachers near your home and visit their studios with your child. Call Dollarhide's or visit the PMTA web site for teacher names. Visit with several teachers in their studios with your child.  Select the teacher that seems right for your child. Rent, buy or otherwise make plans for a piano or digital piano in your home.

September - November:  Teachers with openings will continue to accept students.  Call Dollarhide's for teacher names.

October - December:  Attend Fall, Halloween and Christmas recitals by area teachers at Dollarhide's recital hall and other sites with your child. 

January - February:  Many teachers encourage new student enrollments during January. 

March - May:  Attend student recitals and performances at Dollarhide's and other locations. Get names of teachers near your home and visit their studios with your child.

June - July:  Finalize enrollment with a teacher.  Buy or otherwise make plans for a practice piano in your home.

The Piano For Kids project in Pensacola, FL is a joint effort between the 
Pensacola Music Teachers Association
Dollarhide's Music Center
to educate kids and parents about piano and encourage them to start.
All piano teachers in the area will be offered as potential instructors whether 
they maintain membership in PMTA or not.



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